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hydro blue pooltechnics

HydroBlue Inverter Pump

Inverter Silence poolpumps are developed for the most silent and energy saving pump solutions.

hydro blue pooltechnics

HydroBlue Heaters

Full inverter heat pump, equipped with the latest technology 

hydro blue pooltechnics

Hydro Cover

Automatic high-quality safety pool covers with solar technology

hydro blue pooltechnics

HydroBlue  water treatment

Discover our range of salt electrolysis, dosing equipment & sand filters


Hydro Blue Inverter Poolpumps


InverSilence technology is self-developed  for the most silent and energy saving pump solutions. It combines full inverter technology, volute hydraulic system and DC brushless motor and thus reduces the sound level more than 30 times and saves energy by up to 90%.

Full Inverter technology

The inverter drive can precisely control the pump speed. It allows the running capacity to be automatically adjusted between 20~100%, which is the most energy saving and silent.

Volute hydraulic system

The noise is isolated by the volute structure which makes more turbulence-free flow at less noise compared with the traditional diffuser type.

DC brushless motor

DC brushless motor ensures the pump creates much less noise, higher efficiency and more durability.

3 Years warranty / 6 Years motor warranty

hydroblue pooltechnics
hydroblue pooltechnics
hydroblue pooltechnics


Hydro Blue

Sand Filters

Laminated Domestic Filter - Top Mount & Side mount


  • Polyester European filter
  • High finishing quality
  • Wide transparent lid
  • Floor plug
  • Sturdy connection between filter and 6-way valve
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • maximum pressure 2.5 bar. C
  • 10 Years tank warranty
    hydro blue zandfilter
    hydro blue sandfilter


    Hydro Blue

    Salt Electrolises PURE

    INVERTURBO adopts an advanced PID algorithm for accurate control of chlorine production and pH regulation.

    With self-adaptation to different situations,INVERTURBO TECH achieves high performance at low salt levels down to 1g/L and guarantees no additional salt maintenance for 180 days.

    130 % TURBO MODE

    With INVERTURBO Tech get your pool through anything concerned with water wellness during a 4-seasons swimming experience with its automatic 0%-130% inverter regulation. Whether it’s the initial disinfection or operation after a party, the 130% Turbo mode can make the pool ready in a blink of an eye.

    hydroblue pooltechnics
    hydroblue pooltechnics


    Hydro Blue


    WATERSENS allows the automatic checking and maintaining of pool water quality by automatic control of the right pH level and concentration of disinfectant. They optimize the running of filtration plant and they supply chemical solution at the correct time interval.

    hydroblue pooltechnics
    hydroblue pooltechnics


    • Compact design:all-in-one design including integrated probe holders and dosing pumps
    • Easy Installation:to new or existing pool by speedfit connectors everything for installation is included in the package
    • Easy-to-use:thanks to intuitive interface
    • Multilingual menu:offer English, Dutch, French, German, Russian and more
    • Lan connector for internet:allows online monitoring and use ofthe PoolLive app
    • Durable peristaltic pumps:stand out quality and minimal maintenance requirements
    • Electronic detection:automatically stops dosing when there is no flow to the probes
    • Advanced safety features:are used to prevent overdosing of chemicals to pool water and watch over maximal hourly dose, too rapid pH change and maximal number of doses without response from the probeSPE
    hydroblue pooltechnics


    Hydro Blue


    • Energy label A
    • Swimming pools of 35-75 m³
    • Powder-coated metal housing
    • Unique patented air technology design
    • Mitsubishi compressor
    • Wifi module
    • Winter cover

    3 Years warranty 

    Space-saving in arrangement
    The heat pump can be installed only 30 cm
    from a wall. Due to the unique air technology design, the
    air is blown out on the side of the heat pump. Depending
    on the capacity of the type of appliance, you must
    observe a distance varying from 50 cm for the PPP10
    model to 70 cm for the PPP 20 model.
    Of course, you should take service accessibility of the
    heat pump into account at the front.

    hydroblue heatpump
    hydroblue warmtepomp
    hydroblue warmtepomp


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